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What are the most common mistakes made by 85% foreigners while searching for a Ukrainian bride?

With my experience in helping to build relationship between a foreign man and  single Ukrainian woman, I can explain many important issues one must know. If you want to find a bride from Ukraine or Russia  the only way to do it is Internet. You will start signing up with many different dating websites and spend hours in surfing profiles of ladies and long fruitless correspondence with fake accounts of non-existing girls and scammers. 

Working as a dating couch  I’ve met so many people who have been spending more than 5 month on correspondence and got frustrated on a first meeting in real life or they have never had a meeting with the lady they were writing to.

Time, airplane tickets, accommodations, and the trip to Ukraine or Russia itself waste time and money.

We live in the advanced times - all of us have Skype. This program will help you to communicate with the lady you’ve selected and  talk to her face-to-face online. You can see how lady is laughing her knowledge of English, what kind questions she asks you and what is her reaction on all the information you share.

If you like a lady via Skype you will like her in a real life as well. This is not a real meeting but this is about 95% close to it.

Before you come to Ukraine  in order to meet Ukrainian bride ,you have to make sure that this particular person is really for you and she is wants you to make some real steps for building serious relationship.

If a lady tells you that she doesn’t have Skype or she is so busy and can’t talk to you or makes some other excuses -it means that she is NOT interested in you and please don’t waste your time even if she has amazing photos and looks super model .

When woman is interested in a man or when she’s seriously searching for a man to start a relationship she will find some time to talk with a chosen man.. If not, it means it is not her life priority or she did nor sellect you. sad

So you have to focus only on those ladies (probably it is only 5% of the entire large database on a dating website) who are real ones and want to talk to you online (if you are from Turkey or some Arab country,Ukrainian lady will not go online with you, sorrydevil).

Family with Ukrainian woman is a perfect model of your happy family life. Try to get to know a lady and you will be pleasantly surprised how close a person can be even living in another country. You won’t feel that big destance  between both of you...

What do Ukrainian ladies expect from a man during the first meeting? Why do Ukrainian ladies look for a foreign man?

I will explain it to you in details very soon in my next post.

I hope that I could help you today

To understand more Ukrainian or Russian women look Dating Advice Videos on follow link

Kateryna Lishchuk
Your Professional Dating Coach

P.S. Value your time

Ukrainian ladies. Free access to main rules

Why are Ukrainian ladies looking for a foreign man?

Why don’t Ukrainian ladies want to marry a local Ukrainian man, if they are so beautiful and family-oriented? Do they want to relocate to another country or are they gold-diggers? I get a lot of suspicions and same questions from all my customers and subscribers. Well, there are several reasons that are not common for other European countries.

In my country there are more women than men. For 1 man there are 8 beautiful, educated and family-oriented women and this is not a joke.

With such an abundance of females, Ukrainian men aren’t much worried that they’ll be left alone also they aren’t in a hurry for official marriage and kids.

Women understand this big competition and try to be more attractive in men’s eyes: wear high heels, feminine dresses, make up, do a lot of sports and diet...
If she wants to have a man who is better than average one - she must look like a model - the way all that profiles on dating websites look like – they seen to be a brochure of some beauty contest :).

But not only appearance is the right tool in order to have a good man, Ukrainian lady makes a lot for the relationship, forgives and understands her man. She tries to be good and caring love partner.
Ukrainian man accustoms to such behavior and accepts it as normal. Soon he becomes spoilt.

Foreigner men who ever try relationship with lady from Ukraine want to date a Ukrainian woman only.

When lady registers at a Marriage Agency, she doesn’t have a goal to receive a passport of another country and relocate forever for a better life. She already has a good life in her own country, her family,friends, all relatives, good memories, etc.

Usually women sacrifice all these things and relations to meet a secure, family-oriented man, who will love and respect her and treat her like a woman.

You don’t even know how hard it is to change lifestyle and be far away from her family and friends in a totally different new country with new people and traditions and sometimes even other religion.

When such girl registered  with a Marriage Agency, she is open for more opportunities to meet a life partner for relationship and family.

Even if you will be from India or Pakistan she will follow you if she loves you. Yes, Ukrainian woman is capable of true love and deserves a good man.

So if you ever decide to meet a life partner from Ukraine this is a very good choice.
But you need to know some of behavior  differences for successful relationship and I will help you with this with my posts at this blog.

What doesUkrainian lady expect from a man on a first meeting? Whatare the mistakes made by non-Ukrainian men? I’ll explain itin my next post.

Kateryna Lishchuk
Your Professional Dating Coach.

P.S. If you have any questions, please, feel free to ask them in a private message. 

Ukrainian ladies. Free access to main rules

How to find a good girl ? Methods and mistakes

When you’re living out of Ukraine you have limited options of meeting a Ukrainian lady. If you will see Ukrainian lady across the street or flying with her to the same destination it is quite impossible of knowing her basic details like education, age, marital status, hobbies etc The era of internet has made every thing possible and have increased our chances of finding a lovely Ukrainian bride to become your life partner.

With opportunities there comes challenges as well, like heartless spammers who give true colours to your dream and write you long letters as if you know them since last life.

Finding the right picture is not the challenge but finding a real person is like unending loop with plethora of non-serious and unavailable ladies, which eventually makes you frustrated in your quest for right partner.

In all matrimonial sites you will find profiles with professional photographs and other profiles with natural/casual pictures of a ladies .

Most men has been found to be approaching profiles only with professionally crafted pictures but it is quite essential to filter your criteria before you approach a lady or accosted by one.

I can confidently conclude that most of the beautiful, family oriented ladies don’t use professional seductive photographs to entice the life partners.

It doesn’t mean they can’t do but they are concerned about the impression which will be reflected in their profile. The ladies firmly believe to upload natural photographs so they can be approached by a humble family oriented person who is looking for an educated caring mother for his kids.
This implies that they preserve their beauty for their husband and not for online dwellers.

There are another category of ladies who are quite ambitious and they show their taste through professional photographs and exquisite sense of dressing. They behave like queens and they expect to be treated in the same manner.

Moreover, the beauty of Ukraine has often been exploited by scammers as they attract all men. Sometimes romantic emails can be copied and checked online to verify if it has been written especially for you or another scammed mail for your inbox.

There are many forums/websites like,, which can be used for online verification and share experiences with others researchers.

I strongly advice to interact with ladies with natural & simple photos as they are easy going, honest and not running after material world but a loving husband and cozy home.
When you will invite them for Skype conference (video calls) then you will be quite surprised after admiring the real beauty online.

How to create your account correct in order any ladies from dating website writ you back.
What are mistakes you do in your online profile ?

This is advice will tell you in my next posts

Kateryna Lishchuk
Your Professional Dating Coach.

Ukrainian ladies. Free access to main rules

Main rules of online dating that you didn’t know yet .

It happens when you register in a dating website looking for beautiful ladies but no one is eager to respond. Why? There are some rules you have to follow in order to succeed. I will guide you in this post...

The most important things in your dating profile are your pictures and personal information. Please use only professional photos. 
Invest your time and let professional photographer make nice pictures of you.
Please use classic wearing like suite with a tie and shirt, classic chooses, etc, for photo shoot.

Never use amateur pictures or pictures in a group of people. 
You shouldn't also use selfies of pictures shot in a mirror.

 If you follow this little advice you will achieve a much better result. 
Otherwise you can waste a lot of time sending messages without response.
 Ukrainian girls are very picky about clothing.They prefer high heels and dress instead of jeans and sneakers so they would prefer a classy man. 

The other important thing is your dating account content.
 Please use a correct information like your birth date and your real economical situation. 

If you are 58 old you have to mention this.  Communication which begin  with a lie  will bring bad consequences .

There are lot of Ukrainian families with a big age difference (10-15 years)so please do not hesitate putting a real age in you profile. 

Don’t write a lot about what kind lady you are looking for (smart, educated, from a good family, kind, lovely , generous , beautiful , sexy, open mind, family oriented , good soul , good hard and many many think you looking) You can better write what can you do for your lady, how can you make her happy.

If you  writing to some one it mean that you already like her via photo. Anyways you can get more information about character , only  communicating with her in Skype or in a real meeting.

Your profile is your bait, so make it attractive and pleasant to read

If you have a face book account, your pictures and details there should match the pictures and information on your online dating profile,otherwise it can create suspicion.

Hope I was helpful for you today . 
Wish you a good luck and a nice life partner. 
Katrin Lishchuk , your professional dating coach. 

Ukrainian ladies. Free access to main rules