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Skype consultation with man from United States who been spending 4 years for searching his life partner online.

Websites with open correspondent accesses where u pay per letter this is wasting of your time as your correspondence not going with this particular lady. This is big business where you buy your dream and illusion.  broken heart



  If you are 65 old and you renting house with roommate you cannot expect meet woman from 29 to 40 without kids.

To have an opportunity to meet woman at this age you have to be on  top of the incomers and have the opportunity spend money on  caprices of your new girl, be able to buy for her diamond and nice new car.







We do had couple  with age difference more than 20 years old and all this men were very successful businessmen and they didn’t limit his  lady with her desires. 

    Of course we cannot generalize every one and there is all time some exceptional from the rules – but in my 5 years’ experience I didn’t seen any. 




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